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'Best PWO Shake'?


Hey guys im using universal nutrition torrent ATM and i was looking for a change ! Any one of you guys have pref brands ...?



1 scoop whey
1-2 scoops Waxy Maize
5g creatine (Creapure Brand)

This is the pwo shake I use, I just buy the stuff separately and mix them together.


Good old trusty....
1 scoop of whey
1 scoop of maltodextrin
1 scoop of dectrose
5g l-leucine
5g creatine mono


Ty guys gonna try em but mayb add a lil 5g glutamine z=D



1 scoop whey protein
cup or two of juice


PRE - 40g Whey Iso + some oats (could be malto or dextrose) + pinch of salt + some instant coffee
DURING - 20g Whey Iso
1hr POST - 20g Whey Iso + Meal

Not really the original question but another way of thinking about peri-workout nutrition.


casein hydrolysate/MAG-10


The one that delivers the best results. Take what Biotest does and make your own version at home or pony up and buy theirs.


Varries, Im not someone who really believe in nutrient timing so much anymore but i have been trying something and it has been working, im getting really close to 220lbs im like 219 right now and not fat or anything. Anyways i basically have 4 post workout meals and i back load my carbs. this is kind of off topic but back loading the carbs is probably the best thing ive ever implemented! so basically i dont have them before training and after every hour i have a post workout meal. they varry but this is usually what its been:

2 scoops Surge recovery or whey and 1 cup oats


2 scoops whey and 1 cup oats

2 scoops whey and 1 cup oats


1.5 cup egg whites ( i drink this it doesnt tatse bad i swear) and another bowl of oats.

sometimes it might be chicken and potatoes, sometimes it might be meat and white rice it really depends how i feel, sometimes its a cheeseburger as one.. whatever works. this is the best strategy ive used yet u could give it a try just 4 p+c meals (hopefully) after training see if its for you:) sorry for going on and on


But... I thought you don't drink protein shakes anymore.


whey protein ice cream


1 hour pre workout: 20 grams whey and 5 grams creatine in 16oz gatoraid.

30 minutes post: 20 grams whey AND 20 grams casein in 32oz r4 recovery then

again at the 45-60 minute mark. Pre bed- 16oz 2%milk with 20grams casein.

I buy the Large canisters of Gatoraid as I then costs about a 1.00 a gallon

and I can very the mix...good eating and lift strong


not a huge fan of protein before a workout

right now im doing

1 scoop Surge Workout Fuel
5 gm creatine
1/2 scoop optimum whey
(Tried to make a middle class man's version of Anaconda)

Post Workout
1 scoop whey or about 20 grams
1/2 cup - 1 cup of blueberries
1/2 cup of instant oats

Really put on some good weight with this peri and post workout protocol

I'm also a firm believer in maximizing peri workout nutrition and I personally think its the missing link in alot of people's development over post workout nutrition


Jack3d or White Flood for energy


Dawg926, definately have to agree with you on the peri intake. Being my workouts are at 06:00 that means my
first feeding is at 5:15 am. The good thing about AM workouts pre work is the fact that know matter how fucked up my day is I have already done something good for my body...


i freakin love jack3d preworkout.

after workout about 100g of simple carbs right after working out to take advantage of the window.


love the dedication and the attitude man. you'll do fine