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Best PWO Carb Source?


I just ran out of Surge this morning (had some extra from the V-Diet) and since I live in South America it would be very difficult (expensive) to order more so I wanted to know what other good options for carb sources PWO exist. Before I tried Surge I ate fruit PWO but I heard this isn't optimal because fruit has, well..... fructose, which doesn't cause the insulinogenic response one seeks PWO.

Also, many of the other possible simple carb sources on the market have HFCS as their primary sugar, so I guess eating shit like candy bars doesn't cut it either. Anyone want to share what his/her favorite PWO sugar source is?


for me i eat a cup of oats, cup of milk and 2 scoops of low carb protein.

the most important thing is to eat dont worry too much about high gi low gi post workout.

some bodybuilders eat chicken and sweet potato PWO.


Dextrose is really convenient and cheap, it's the same carb source as found in Surge Recovery. That is if you can find a place that sells it.


Chocolate milk might be a good option.


I like maltodextrin + whey. Cheap simple easy.


A whey variant + A simple, hi GI carb (possibly a combination) + 5g creatine does the trick for me. I mix and match things depending on what I have availabe.

At present im running off bulk unflavoured whey concentrate and some weider iso energy carb powder crap I picked up on the random in a supermarket after it was being discontinued - cheaper then my normal bulk dextrose haha!


I used to use (before AD) a custom mix from TP that was 40/40/20 Waxy Maize/Maltodextrin/Dextrose. Mix with 2 scoops whey and consume. Cheap and effective.