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Best Pure Strength Program

I’m curious as to what has been the best strength program T-Maggers have used that have been posted on this site. Hypertrophy is an afterthought! Thanks.

I had good gains in strength from a wave loading programme, whole body.

i got upto chins bw (16 stone) pls 35kg for 1, dips BW (same) pls 60kg for 1.

Bench was poor, and didnt apply it very well to squats though.

there are different forms of strength.

zep, what haven’t you been doing?

if you have crappy endurance you won’t make strength gains like you could. if you’re a beginner you’ll make more progress with higher volume/lower intensity than an elite lifter will. are you small? small guys make the best strength gains when they put on mass as well.

if you want a specific answer you’ll have to ask a specific question. if not, i’ll just say that Ian King’s Wave Loading Manifesto, Dan John’s One Lift a Day, Chad Waterbury’s Single’s Club, and Christian Thibaudeau’s 8 Weeks to a Record Bench are among the best (even though i haven’t done them exactly, im sure they are).