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Best Protocol to Prevent Gyno?

I have been on trt but stop it every few months because of minor gyno issues. I feel crappy so want to go back on but need a best protocol available to prevent gyno. What I was planning was recommended from KSman of
T. Cyp 0.5mg 2x / week
0.5 mg arimidex with t shots
250 iu units of HCG eod

Would it we wise to take 0.25 mg Arimidex on the day of t shot and then 0.25 mg the next day to get any estrogen that converts the following day or if it converts is it gonna convert pretty fast?
Also I plan on trying for another kid…we have 3 already and can take it or leave it if we get another so not a huge issue but also wondering what peoples successes have been on trt with hcg. From what i read it seams pretty doable. Worst case scenario I can come off and do clomid for a few months.


You need to post your labs from when you were on TRT. We need your SHBG, where your TT was at, what your protocol was.

Also, write test dose in MG, not ml, which is what I think you did.

So, .5ml= 50mg? Usually test comes in either 1ml=200mg or 1ml=100mg

You shouldn’t “cycle” trt, you should just address the issue.

You need labs. Estradiol sensitive is needed to determine if any arimidex is needed.

I went off trt and did tamoxifen and clomid to see if I can restart and get an acceptable t value while feeling good. Well i feel crappy and have no libido so im feeling restarting is best option for now since coupling with hcg seems to do great.

Im 41 and in shape very healthy otherwise

labs done 45 days after stopping trt and doing 30 days tamox / clomid restart then i weened off clomid for another 7 days. then did labs

LH = 6.2 (1.5-4.3)
SHBG = 40 (10-50)
TT = 378 (250-1100)
FT = 49.1 (35-155)

so…normal but not ideal. I also am hypothyroid and on thyroxine 0.1 mg once daily and am regulated perfect on that. any other info i can supply ask away…


If you manage E2 levels properly there is no risk of gyno.
Elevated E2 can reduce libido and sexual performance along with some major mood hits. Most do well at E2=22pg/ml

Several here have made babies with hCG as suggested.

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dhea 449 (70-495)
estradiol = 18 (<29)
sorry forgot these 2

KSman your info has helped me immensely. very straight forward…ive tried to read all your stuff. do you do any on phone consults? love to pick your brain for 5 mins about specifics. I am a dr. so i get the jargon easily …im just not in this specific field obviously.

Dude, what was your e2 ON TRT…What was your protocol ON TRT?

that’s the only way we can give you an idea of what you need to do.

my protocol was 30 mg every other day with 250 iu of hcg with it and 0.125 mg of anastrazole every other day. I told the dr. that i had access to needles and syringes and thats why he fine tuned it. labs in dec while on trt
est = 30 (<39) range is diff from other range because of diff lab?
Ft 194 (46-224)
TT 848 (250-1100)
SHBG 19 (10-50)

I have cycled off in the past to have ensure conception but want to give it a go while on trt this time.

That was probably the non-sensitive test, 30 is not bad actually at all.

Now, are you certain its gyno? Are you sure it isn’t just a puffy nipple and or fat?

There will be hard “balls” nodules behind your nipples if its real gyno, plus they will itch.

Can also be caused by prolactin sometimes.

What other symptoms were you having? Also be specific about the gyno, because sometimes people are just freaked out and don’t really have gyno.

If your nipples were constantly “itching” or sensitive, enough to notice, (trust me, you will KNOW) and you have HARD lumps behind your nipples. Then yes, that is gyno and needs to be addressed… If you don’t have those symptoms, you probably just have puffy nipple (some people have it from teenage years) or its fat.

its possible i am freaked out…it was mildly painful on palpation, puffy and pointed a little…not itchy at all…and did feel like a ball of tissue formation under nipple… libido was great on trt though
no joint issues at all … emotions were fine…im in great shape…never fat…crossfit all the time

Its hard to say for sure because everyone is individual. But I would restart TRT, with HCG like you did originally, and then just increase your Arimidex, IF your labs say so… If your e2 really was 30, with a 800 Total Test, I wouldn’t touch arimidex. And that level of E2 SHOULDNT cause gyno.

I would restart at that same protocol you did, and see a PROFESSIONAL about your chest, and have them tell you if it is gyno or not.

Try and be more relaxed about it also. You have the fix on hand, nothing to worry about. Gyno doesn’t happen overnight.

Labs are most important though.

perfect thanks for info…

Oh I forgot to add. Some guys just cant handle HCG, causes e2 issues for them.

Are you still worried about your fertility? Have kids, ect ect. If not. You could also experiment with dropping the HCG if you cant get rid of those e2 symptoms.

Hi, what are your thoughts about not doing arimidex with a estr of 30 as alphagunner recommended? I know you like that low 20 number as a sweet spot.

i would like one more and i like having full balls and not watching them disappear

also are you available for phone consults… I value your opinion and would love your opinion on if I should even go back on trt or stay off. My energy level is acutally pretty good but libido sucks while estrogen in check. Contemplating just doing clomid for a while as another option. Any info is appeciated.

High prolactin can also contribute to gyno.