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Best Protocol for 1x/Week Injections? (Includes HCG and AI)

Looking for advice on the best protocol to use when the doc prescribes 1x weekly injections, and that injection is Monday, for example.

HCG: 500iu 2x / week? (1000iu weekly total) - Wednesday/Sat?
AI: .25mg 2x / week? On same days as HCG?

Any advice would be great!

The best protocol, and really the only one, is to self inject twice a week. Taking your HCG and AI on injection day.

I understand, and we talked about possibly changing it down the road, but right now 1x/week is my only option. Therefore I need to figure out the best timing for the HCG and AI.

Most of us get the script from the doctor and do what we gotta do.
But if you want to do 1 a week. I would do the ai day after t injection. And spread HCG to 3x a week or 250 EOD.

@anon10230041 thanks. So AI just once per week?

No one takes an AI once weekly, you E2 will be different in the beginning of the week vs near the end never reaching balance, you might even feel different from one end of the week to the next. An example taking .5mg with injection and .25- .5mg 3 days later.

With 1 a week injection t peaks 1 time. And so should ai

Not exactly, after T and E2 peaks it doesn’t decline in a linear fashion, it’s more like a bell curve. Think of a roller coaster ride, up and down, up and down, it doesn’t go straight up and straight down.

You don’t take an AI once weekly.

Hey systemlord, so my doc has agreed to 2x weekly cyp injections. With that said, I will be doing:

Monday/Thurs for everything. 50mg cyp, 500iu HCG, 1/4 tab arimidex.

Does this look good? Or should I dose the A-dex the day after?

Nope take AI when you inject T, protocol looks good. Do not take more HCG than 500iu at a time, it will only convert to estrogen and bad stuff will happen.

Ok - I am hearing to take AI 24 hours after test injections as well. So will not do that.

Testosterone and estrogen rise together, you need the AI at injection time. The AI could weaken by the time E2 is still elevated since E2 stays around longer in your system than testosterone.

i heard that to. i think the recommendation here is day of because of convenience and not forgetting which is important.
I saw a graph once that with the 1/2 life of dex it worked out that taking day after more closely corresponds with when T peaks.

Wish I could find the chart.

So, I’m hearing that injecting in the delts with a .5" insulin syringe maybe isn’t the best way, thoughts?

Also - why not use a 1ml syringe? .5ml was recommended in the “protocol for injections” sticky and says “do not use a 1ml syringe”. What makes the difference?

Is .5" long enough for the quad?

Should I try SC with the test cyp? If so, same spot as my HCG?

My understanding for using the .5ML vs 1ML is a matter of hydraulics. The smaller barrel of the .5ML syringe develops more pressure which aids in injecting.

I just ordered up a bunch of the .5ML, 1/2", 29g needles and will be trying them out at my next injection.