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Best Protein

I’m about out of protein powder and was just wondering if you all had any suggestions on what the best protein is and why -thanks

I’m just going to sit back on my lawn chair and enjoy the ride.

I’ll be the first one to throw it out. Click that big banner up top (T-Nation - Body buildings think-tank) and then scroll down about half way. There is a link to some stuff called Low-Carb Grow! Protein. That is what most of us use and recommend…Top qualtiy Casein and Whey blend at an affordable price. All 5 flavors taste DELICIOUS!

I’d reccomend Joe Weider’s Egg Albumen Gag-o-Max. If you can find a can from around 1988, those are the tastiest. (any one who remembers trying to keep some of that gray shit down from back in the day give me an amen)

In all seriousness, Grow! is the best i’ve ever tasted.

I don’t understand why these questions are asked in the first place.

What kind of answer do you expect? First off, you’re on the Biotest website. Don’t you anticipate a bit of bias in the responses you get? It’s kind of analogous to me hitting up the Republican convention and asking people what they think of the Democratic candidates.

It’s like TC going to a strip club and taking a poll on how many guys like strip clubs. Geez.

Second, if you’ve benefited from an article on this site, if you’ve been helped in the forums, or if you’ve been leeching off the site in any way/shape/form, you owe it to Biotest to try their protein At Least once. If you try Grow! and hate it, fair enough. But at least try it.

It’s only $23.

Click that big picture of HOT-ROX, Spike, and Alpha Male and scroll down to the Grow! proteins section. The best tasting, highest quality, stuff you can buy. Seriously, it is the Rolls-Royce of protein powders.

I’ll tell you all what the ebst kind of protein is.Are you ready? Whole foods!!!

[quote]The_Grim_Reaper wrote:
I’ll tell you all what the ebst kind of protein is.Are you ready? Whole foods!!![/quote]

damn straight

This is funny.

i like meat, cause meat is good