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Best Protein?


is there a protein thats best for older lifter???? im 46 yrs old...thanks


I'm only 30 but I can't see how it would make a difference age wise. But then again I'm 30. I like whatever's cheapest, most palpable and lowest carb. GNC has some sales on their brand usually and its yummy.


Hi, Phatphit. I'm not aware of any changes in protein requirements when you get older. You definitely need to keep protein up, though.

Personally, I use an egg supplement which you can get at GNC, but I would recommend that for anybody who's sensitive to dairy. (I'm 55.)


There is no reason that i can see in terms of the biochemistry , we still need the same building blocks, if anything we might benefit from keeping protein intake well up due to what would normally be age related muscle wastage.


The kind that you eat. To echo others, protein is protein and lots of it is good.



Preferably like an entire prime rib roast...


I like the Kirkland brand at costco. its made by cytosport, makers of muscle milk. 2g carbs per serving. Cheap.


I'm 47, lactose is not my friend so no milk- my doc thinks I may also be sensitive to milk protein, which is why whey protein also can wreck my gut. The best protein supp's I've found are the blends. For whatever reason the milk and whey don't bother me when they are blended with egg and other proteins. Also its a good idea to avoid the ones that have artificial sweetners, they are bad news. You can find the blends in stores or Amazon. If you don't want to spend as much or want to go basic try the egg protein.


I find that the protein contained in Twinkies is a winner, you just have to eat them by the box to get the benefits. I also like the taste of the Met-Rx stuff, I don't think it will matter much which type you use, just find something that you can tolerate physically and find palatable enough to consume regularly. However since I myself am quite cheap I prefer milk, I try for a gallon a day (the famous GOMAD program) though I rarely make it, still with the 2% I drink it is a tone of protein/calcium/vitamins and calories, which all make building muscle/strength cheap and easy (don't forget to lift).


Beat me to it: Eggs + Beef + Chicken + Fish


How can you beat this???


You win!


The best protein in terms of what? Also for older lifters and how old that is i don't know but dehydration is something we have to watch out for. So we need to be drinking a lot of water. So that we don't feel thirsty cause that is a sign of being dehydrated.


All of the above but don't forget beans. I love beans of any variety. Mix them with ground beef and they are a winner. Eat them gold with garlic and spices. There are 14gms of protein in a cup of mixed beans. They are cheap as crap and you never have problems with your 'digestion'. I bet you never hear people who eat lots of beans buying that ridiculous yogourt with B regularis that 'balances your digestive tract'. Is that code for they need to shit?

Regarding protein supplements, I use some variety in my oatmeal in the morning for flavour but does anyone really find that it, or any type of supplement has made any noticeable change in their training? I'm curious. Over the years I've tried a number of things with no noticeable results.


Age exists solely in your mind. The day you start thinking you need to "eat differently" or "train differently" cause of the chronological number you are, is the day your in trouble. People just don't get it. Age is a product of the mind of main stream media and society. Oh, you can't do this past a certain age or that. Yet, Bernard hopkins and randy couture come along and throw a monkey wrench in that brainwashing.

People reallly need to wake up.


Do you think Bernard Hopkins, randy couture or Hershal walker, are asking these lame ass questions. They have just touched the surface of exposing what I have known for years, age does not exist. aging does not exist. it exists if you allow it to exist. If you give it power in your own mind to exist. Then and only then, will it exist.


Got to agree with you Mrs O. Over the years I have gone through spells where I have literally force fed myself protein and at other times paid no attention to it whatsoever (eaten 'normally', 3 square meals a day) and I didn't notice any measurable difference between those times in terms of strength or muscle gain.

In fact I measured my macros the other day and my protein was quite low (125g) yet recently I have gained a fair bit of lean muscle without really foucusing on it. Personally I think protein is much less important than we are led to believe.

There's a lot of studies out there that show that the less you take in the more efficient your body becomes at using it and anything above a certain amount is excreted anyway. But who knows?

As most of the studies done these days are probably funded by supplement companies (and I'm a cynical old bugger) I imagine that it's in their interest to exaggerate the importance somewhat.

I must say a little piece of me dies everytime I read a first post by a beginner saying that they've bought their protein powders and supplements and belt before they've even chosen a routine or touched a weight. Cart before the horse perhaps?

OP if things weren't progressing for me I'd be looking at lots of other variables before worrying about the specific type of proten I was using.


The exception of course being beans. They're the magical fruit :slight_smile:

I wonder if it doesn't have more application when you're focused on building size vs. strength.


Don't beans have an incomplete amino acid profile? My understanding is that they need to be mixed with something like brown rice in order to be useful for muscles.

EDIT: FYI I'm a layman as far as this stuff is concerned, so please correct me if I'm wrong.


That's too much minutiae for me. They have lots of protein and iron and are delicious. That's about as far as I'll get in my analysis of any food.