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Best Protein to Go With?

I was wondering if Isopure was the protein to go with. I was told to get a whey and a casein but how necessay is that? Please help a guy out.

Hmnn where could you possibly find Whey AND casein… damn,… Ya know, that’s a real doozie… I wish I had some great suggestions for you, but I’ve just been on this site for years and years, reading all the threads, and sometimes wondering why they don’t have an online store that would carry some high quality supplements to help out all of the faithful reads on here… damn…


whey alone is good post-workout, whey/casein any other time of the day.

either Metabolic Drive or EvoPro


You need to start doing some readin’ man.


Whatever dude, don’t listen to these guys, they’re just chock full of the T-Nation Kool-Aid.

What you really need is some ON 100% whey and NO-Xplode, bra’. You’ll get straight diesel donk jacked swole.


In all seriousness, while Isopure is a good protein, it is filtered using an ion exchange process, which denatures the fragile immune boosting fractions normally present in whey protein. Therefor, if you’d like to include a whey protein which still contains these fragile proteins, then concentrate, or a blend of concentrate AND isolate is the way to go. Coincidentally ( or not ), Biotest’s Grow! Whey is just that.

As others have mentioned, save the way for pre and post workout, or when combined with another slower digesting protein source, such as whole food or casein.

Is Metabolic Drive. Is that both Whey and Casein??

[quote]mk0325 wrote:
Is Metabolic Drive. Is that both Whey and Casein??[/quote]


WHile my brother loves ISopure, I find that it goes right through me. I prefer to feel like I actually ingested something afterwards.

It’s not a bad product though.


Just Curious on peoples thoughts on the following:
It was originally on the Atomic Dog forum last week. It has me thinking though so some others opinions would be welcomed.

[quote]musclephd wrote:
TC and all,

The article points out the oxidized cholesterol found in powdered milk. A search in Google on “oxidized cholesterol whey” will yield articles that indicate that whey powders too contain oxidized cholesterol. For example:


Biotest’s Grow! Whey for example contains 65mg of cholesterol per scoop. To be fair, similar high amounts are present in any other whey protein that contains whey protein concentrates. How much of that is oxidized cholesterol?

The article points out that CFM 100% whey protein isolates contain low amounts of cholesterol, and are the only safe choice.

Overall, there’s a lot of damaging evidence out there. Are we all slowly killing ourselves consuming whey powders???