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Best Protein Supplements?


Hey guys,

Just wanted to hear peoples opinions/thoughts about what supplements they take and how effective they are. I was wondering specifically with whey protein, BCAA’s, fish oil, testosterone, and any other important ones that hep promote a lean muscle physique. Thanks!


Just look at the physique of the person on the product’s label, and choose your supplement based on the one you find most desirable. Also, read the claims made on the side, usually in bullet points, which clearly list all the benefits of taking their supplement on a regular basis. Then sit back, relax, and let it do its magic.


This site has the best products on the market.

And whatever the guy above me said is pure dribble.

Also, for the record, food is on top of the list. Until that is in place, supplements should not even be looked at.


I will bite and not be a dick about it either.

Train first thing in the morning ; dont do well with food and training so early:

Pre:Scivation with Green Tea & Creatine

During: Scivation extend perform(because the black cherry is awesome and nothing tastes better IMHO)

Post: Enigma by Apollon Nutrition and Gym. (buy 1 year supply whenever I am in the states. they are out of New Jersey)

The above was setup by a friend who owns a supplement business after a heavy discussion last summer during a visit. It has worked well for me so I am sticking with it.

Scivation is available here $$$ or online from the USA $$ with international shipping under $4.

Protein Powders: I am overseas so the best product here for a fair price is Dymatize

Fish Oil: I love it. Buy it online in USA. Cheap shipping under $4

TestPills: Something similar to Biotest Alpha Male. 2 products combined

Biotest Products: I have ordered plenty of times in the past when in the USA. Never had an issue with any product. Shipping from Biotest to me overseas is ridiculous no matter the size of the product. If they offered international shipping 4 pounds and under for $4 , I would purchase a few things monthly like I have religiously from other companies over the past 4 years.

Hope that helps


As a college student, stick with the barebones basics. A good protein-carb drink when you lift is the place to start, for better recovery and harder training sessions. I suggest Surge Recovery or, if you can bump up the budget, Surge Workout Fuel.

BCAAs and Test boosters definitely aren’t necessary in your situation. Depending on your food budget, a whey-casein blend like Metabolic Drive once a day will be fine.

Fish oil or a fruit-veg supplement are good from a health perspective, but like JFG said, you can and should dial in your nutrition and training before you start trying to work in a bunch of supplements.


screw that mbdix guy. you give the best advice. this is spot on. these are exactly the supps i would recommend.

I’m also a huge fan of metabolic drive these days. It’s probably the ONLY whey protein I’ve bought that I just don’t get tired of. The taste is spot on, and that matters more than some people think.


Thanks, man. Really.

So… does this mean NY made it onto your world tour schedule for a meet and greet? :grin:


it’s on my very very short list. I’m trying to get there this spring, but it may be summer. My girlfriend went to NYU for her Masters, and still has lots of friends up there. You and Brick are at the top of my list of people to meet when I’m there.


Isomorph or Gold Standard Whey


metabolic drive from Biotest. I’m not gonna recommend another product, because metabolic drive is the superior choice to both.


You haven’t lived until you mix a scoop of banana and chocolat. Now THAT is a protein treat.


Honestly Optimum Nutrition makes the best tasting . best mixing best high quality protein i know about. Find it online. Or GNC If you want a more slow digesting before bed protein go with casein . quicker digestive protein go with whey. Hope it helps!


Hey guys, just a quick question from a college perspective. Since I drink about two or three times a week, what is the best form of alcohol to consume that won’t kill my physique. I currently do vodka and diet cranberry juice but were curious as to what you guys suggest. Thanks


I should probably ask you why in the hell you’re posting this question in this thread, since it has literally nothing to do with what’s being discussed, but…

calories. that’s all that matters. vodka diet cranberry is gonna be low calorie compared to other options, but if you drink lots of them, which you are since you’re drinking 2-3 times a week, there’s only so much you can do for yourself… If you count macros, you should definitely include drinks in your count. If you don’t count macros, you’re probably not serious about your physique anyway, so the question doesn’t matter much, lol.