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Best Protein Supplement for Person with Little Money Available

Help me please. Best protein?

Ground beef.


Ground beef, turkey or pork. Also, eggs.


Beef hearts & liver. Whole chickens. Eggs.

Dont make the same mistake i did, which was waste money on supplements instead of food.

yeah wholefood as others have said. Ill add egg whites also.

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I don’t recall posting this…

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Were you drunk? LOL

The best quality whey protein poweder you can afford. I use Optimum Nutrition.

Get a good protein because most protein powders might be full of shit. Alot of fillers. You can research this.

Lay off/cut down the meat if you can. Lots of protein, yes. Along with all that saturated fat. Yuck.

Minced/Ground beef, add a little seasoning with low sodium and as little calories.

Ground beef
Chopper peppers
Broad beans
Casserole seasoning was usually my choice.(Mix seasoning with water and add it to the pan with the beef before adding veg pepers and beans.)