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Best Protein Supp without Gut Rot?



I know this has got to be asked before, but I'm looking for a protein supplement that doesn't cause gut gas or rot. I know I am lactose intolerant already, and have troubles with gas, anyone got any ideas?? Thanks in advance


Something like a whey isolate that doesn't have any lactose in it?

And either more or less fiber.


Any brands you recommend?


Pea protein, egg white powder?


MAG-10 is lactose-free, so that would definitely be a good choice.


What is MAG-10?? Is that a protein? Thanks for the replies.


Yep, it's a special casein hydrolysate mix protein.

(On the left, click the Supplement Facts for MAG-10 Anabolic Pulse.)


So you have to get both? The ANACONDA as well?


Nope, that's just the first link I could find. Don't worry about the "dosing schedule" talked about on that page.

Anaconda is a totally separate supplement from MAG-10. They're two different things. If you're looking for an everyday protein, MAG-10 would be a top choice.


I've had bloating and gas issues for years with most high protein products on the market, but a trainer at my gym recently told me about Quest bar, it's new, and he said I'd have no gas issues since they don't have sugar alcohols. I sent away for a couple of samples and I had absolutely no problems with gas or bloating. They're definitely worth trying especially since they were free.


Just looked them up. Looks promising. Couldn't see the difference between the two flavors so I'm assuming not all the ingredients are listed. $2 per bar though.


I can live with the price for the convenience of having 20 grams of protein and true low carbs w/o stomach issues.


a decent quality whey (concentrate or isolate) shouldnt cause "gut rot"

usually its the really shitty kinds that cause stomach issues.

what proteins have cause your stomach issues?


i would stay away from the whey concentrate, go with quality whey isolate


Agreed, isolate is definitely better than concentrate...meaning you're going to get a lower carb count.


muscle milk? supposedly no lactose