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Best protein powder

I am looking for the best protein powder around and I figured T-men would know best. Please help me out. By the way, the price isnt really a big factor. Thanks in advance – Fogerty

Biotest Advanced Protein all the way. I can’t believe I used that Designer shit once. I think AP is better tasting and has higher quality ingredients.

VP2 by AST i have found has given me incredible results. Since i have been taking it my strength goes up every week. I think they are mostly the same thing, just dont go for the cheapest one.

Ultra Size by Beverly Intl. It was formulated by Dr.Eric Serrano. Also their Muscle Provider is good too.

I doubt that you’ll find anyone who’s used Advanced Protein that won’t agree that it’s tops. I can’t even tolerate most others now that I’m used to AP.

the one thats on sale!

Advanced Protein. You’ll never go back to anything else.

I’ve been at this for 11 years now and have probably tried the majority of the protein powders on the market. I just received my first shipment of Biotest AP today and it rocks. The taste is incredible. I’ll never go back to anything else.

simply protein by EAS, vanilla is damn good when mixed with orange juice.

advanced protein or cytopro…the jury’s still out…honestly Dozer can’t figure out which he likes better.


I use ProLab’s Protein, endorsed by Lee Priest, so it must work, right?! actually, it’s the only protein they have at a certain store where I go, and the ingrediants look fine, so i buy it. I could/should shop around, but i’m too tired from my workouts, and I need to eat, not shop.

I agree with Dozer! AP in the morning and before bed, Cytopro post-workout.