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hi guys, my body really aches after running, my friend says I could probably drink protein drinks after working out, does anybody else have these and do they seem to help? also what brand?
help, please!


Read the labels. It takes about 90 mins to digest a protein shake so take some before exercise as well.

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Not sure what protein is going to do in this situation. I’d look at the heaviness of my steps, the surface I’m running on and footwear, myself.

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How long have you been running? I used to run when I was in school, and if I ever took time off and then came back, I was very sore and uncomfortable for at least several weeks until I adjusted again.

Are you bothered by simple muscle soreness? Usually something like that, for example shinsplints, will go away after a sufficient period of time.

. Obviously having a generally healthy overall diet is always a good idea as well.


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usually i ran 25 to 30 min a day.and yes after that my muscle sores with joint pain.

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What kind of joint pain? Maybe you need a medical or go easy.

How long have you been running for. Are you on the larger size where this type of impact training could be too much of a strain? If you care to share.

Are you fat?

i am not fat…i am 78 kg height 5.8"

As @The_Mighty_Stu asked how long have you been running? Good you’re not overweight and putting excess strain on your joints. Not knowing your physical conditioning makes recommendations limited because we don’t have the whole picture. So,basics, biofreeze is a great product over your typical icy hot and flexible ice packs do wonders. If your feet and ankles hurt a bucket of icy water. All of these can be done post exercising. Before and after do dynamic stretching and not static. You can google for a better explanation if unsure the vocabulary.

A good fish oil is highly recommended since it lubricates the joints. Yes, protein powder is good after running, but different powders work for different folks and I’m going to adhere to sites rules. I, personally, am not a carb hater, so I’d blend berries, a banana, some pineapple, some Ceylon cinnamon, honey, with a vanilla whey isolate post workout. Also, make sure you are sufficiently hydrated before, during and after running. Those are my a, b, Cs based on your limited info.

Best of luck, and also check out articles on site. Many coaches have a vast knowledge and recommendations. I know the sponsor for site has some terrific products that many use. If you want more information on what would be best for you, a little more info is needed. Keep asking and listen. But as always, what you eat and drink determines a lot. Take a look at anti inflammatory diets. What’s at the end of your fork, affects how you compete in a sport. Best of luck :hugs:

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very Helpful reply.which fish oil you will recommend?

Honestly, I don’t know if I can recommend one due to rules. I do rember reading a thread by @Paul_Carter awhile back. Check on articles or if someone can confirm it was one of his. Tagged him for you. He’s one of my faves. DL ftw :hugs:

Found article…I wanted to make sure my memory was correct

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Np. Best of luck! If in doubt talk to your dr. But it really is true that what you eat plays a vital part in recovery, strength and stamina…and my favorite speed!