Best Protein Powder for Weight Gain

what is the best protein powder for weight gain ive bin taking mamoth 2500 tasted allright didnt give me stomache cramps but they dont sell it anymore or atleast i cant find it

Screw any product labeled as a mass/weight gainer.

Buy a quality protein supplement and blend in any additional calories you need. This way you can control what you’re eating by picking better food choices.

I agree w/ SBT. I take my Whey and Casein throw it in a blender with some 2%milk, peanut butter and banana (1or2). Got a bunch of calories and it tastes great.

If your worried about money it might be cheaper to just buy weight gainer considering I go threw a gallon of milk every 3 days but its definetly better IMO to make something urself.

If your are going to go the weight gainer route I have tried Mutant Mass by PVL I packed on some decent weight with it. Its fairly reasonable as far as prices goes as well, not to mention it comes in a 15lb bag.

Metabolic Drive Complete blended with peanut butter can’t be beat.

If you can tolerate milk, use it instead of water.