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Best Protein for Lactose Intolerant People?


Recently I became aware that I am lactose intolerant. Curious as to what brands of protein I should look at that won't aggrevate my stomach?


egg white? (i know most ppl are whey-fiends but egg white actually scored higher in usability/bioavailability)
rice? (sun warrior)

they are slower to uptake/digest than whey but good complete sources nonetheless

but even some whey should be lactose free

no soy!


Whey isolates?


i use hydrolyzed casein or PeptoPro. Tastes bitter but you get used to it quickly and they're obviously great for peri-workout stuff.


Last time I checked, Egg was used as the standard as 100; and Whey Isolate scored approximately 124

And like the OP, I also just realized I am lactose intolerant; However I realize there are degrees to intolerance (my father can't touch dairy at all) whilst mine is minor, and can still have Whey can Casein proteins without lactose sugar in them, do they knowingly bother you?


I had this same problem about 3 months ago. The EAS whey concentrate blend I used to take was really bothering me and bloated my stomach.

I would recommend Isopure's protein isolate. Its a great protein and I've been using it for the past 2 months, feeling great results. Sure its a bit more pricey, but it was worth it for me to not have to worry about any negative side effects.



Actually Egg's BV is 100, my EAS whey is 104. Milk is 91, and Casein is 77.


I am very intolerant and have no problem with Designer Whey... and it tastes good too.


Isoflex. It is what I use, it is lactose and gluten free and contains everything you need in a protein shake. I've been using it for years and love it. It is a whey isolate shake and with the addition of BCAA's and such. Check it out for sure.


I'm lactose intolerant and do fine with Biotest's Metabolic Drive and Grow!.

I can't handle most other protein powders.


Yeah, Metabolic Drive doesn't give me any stomach discomfort where others have. Very badly.



Read the ingredients, and avoid anything that says concentrate (whey protein concentrate, or milk protein concentrate). Most protein powders have very little lactose in them anyways, but just to be safe though, you can go with an isolate, either a cross- flow microfiltration whey isolate or an ion-exchange whey isolate, the former being preferable as it has more beneficial components, although the differences are trivial in my opinion, and you'd be better off going with rice or pea protein which are cheap as hell and hypo-allergenic, and if you've got the buck to try something fancy (which MAY also give you problems) you can try casein hydrolysate.


Thanks for the suggestions. I picked up some IsoPure the other day and am going to give it a try after tomorrow's workout.