Best protein bar?

This question seems behind the times, but I couldn’t find the answer on the search, call me dumb. Since Biotest is not making bars anymore, what is the next best thing? I loved their PB and chocolate. What is the next, honest brand?

Biotest Grow Bars are the best.

A very dark rumor is out that they are making a comeback…


Either Grow Bar or Pro 42… IMO…

i found a thread that will answer all your questions about what is the preferred protein bar. i just typed in ‘best protein bar’ (hint, hint: the title of this thread) and the 14th thread down (i think) is a poll taken by the board admin. take a look.

Protein bars suck for too many reasons to get into.

Don’t eat them,

i wish they made trioplex (they seem to meet label claim now) but with all whey protein or casein, milk prot. Screw the saw…they suck for that reason alone. I can deal with the canola. Their new flavor is pretty goood…cin roll or whatever…bring back GROW bars and make them whole grain hehe.

They suck

Go for real food or a shake in a pinch.

Snickers bar washed down with a protein shake.

I like my non Soy bars, Cytosport MuscleMilk and Biochem Ultimate Protein Bar, I try to only use them as backup in a crunch since protein bars are crap anyway.

Not sure why in that poll the Sportpharma Promax bar was deemed that high quality, maybe the amount of Soy protein in it was too small to do that much damage. The other ingredients weren’t too bad, cept maybe the corn syrup which was one of the top ingredients.

best protein bars? Chicken, fish, steak, tuna, eggs, cottage cheese and protein powder. Those are the best “protein bars”.