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Best Prohormone Nowadays


What do you guys think is the best prohormone out on the market? I'm not really looking for the HUGE gains in mass like I saw from m1t in the past. I just want pure strength gains without the gains in bulk. Is superdrol the best?


Superdrol is NOT a prohormone, it is a designer steroid. Prohormones are illeagal now. So, if something is being sold over the counter it is either garbage, or it is a designer steroid sold under a loophole in the new laws.

That said, some people have had good results with Superdrol.


Some people have also had delayed gyno results from superdrol.


Have not! :slightly_smiling:

I actually loved Superdrol. I used it about a year ago for two so called cycles and saw all numbers go up...note to self...need to go get some more...


Like me...


Going on with this thread. Pro-hormones aren't yet illegal in the UK and I'm going to stock up on them for when I'm ready for that sort of thang. I've got loads of 1-ad and 8 bottles of MAG-10 the Destroyer in my drawer at home. I've seen some quotes for Ergomax lmg and this superdrol plus m1t. Can anybody give any hints/tips as to which ones are likely to give me the best results please?

Here's my provenance, I came upon this site last year but started losing fat in earnest at the start of this year. I've gone from 252lbs @ 40% BF to 210lbs 14% so in theory I've lost 71lbs of fat and gained 30lbs of muscle since I started. I'm really liking the way I'm starting to look but I'm a total endomorph and gain fat very easily. I'm lifting 3 x a week total body 15 reps and hiit for 3 times a week too. The only supplements I take right now are HOT-ROX & I've just moved to the HOT-ROX Extreme ones and they're totally cutting up the flab on my stomach and lower back.

Anyway, I'll post pics when I'm happy with how I look, I'd like to get to 10% and then I'd like to get BIGGER!!

I know there's trolls and the like on here and many people ask silly questions but I'd just like some guidance as to what to buy in preparation for the future.


33 years old
chest 46"
waist 36"
Neck 16"
Calfs 16.5"
Biceps 14.5" :o(

Like I said I'm a total endomorph and it's taken me nearly a year to find out what my body works best with. Incidentally I've found it's not many carbs (mostly from green veggies etc.) but I do have a smoothie for breakfast with yoghurt, cottage cheese a bannana & some frozen berries. (mMmmm!) I've got to learn how my body reacts to certain foods and I now eat really clean at least 90% of the time.

Thanks in advance for any pointers on the pro-hormone front.


are there any others out there as well


Some Max Muscle stores carry some goodies in CA.