Best Progressive Overload Drivers for Type 1B?

Hi CT,

I have a question about Strength progression for the type 1b.

You say that this type has a hard time tolerating slow bodybuilding/driving reps and should stick to using their natural strong acceleration. Would it be detrimental for this type to slow down the reps in order to help with progressive overload on the bench press for example? …as opposed to accelerating and bouncing off the chest? I hear slowing reps down is a great driver for progressive overload.

If so, is there a better option to help 1B’s progress with big lifts rather than just trying to pile weight on the bar? For me I feel a lot of stress when adding weight to the bar, unless I know I’ve got the current weight in the bag.

My dominant neurotype is 1b but the rest of them are very similar scores. 2A being close in second. If that helps.

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