Best Programs for T NATIONers Over 40

Hey all, after the chicago marathon 10-10-10 I weight 173# @ 73" with 9%BF. I have been following the Westside plan since 1 Nov 10 and here are the results: Bench from 125#( yeah it sucked) to 205#, squat from
275# to 325# and deadlift from 315# to 385# at a BodyWeight of 192 with 10.5% Bodyfat. No “equipment” other than a BELT and the occasional puke effort. I focused on deep sleep, proper rest intervals (3-5minutes heavy days) and pre-post workout nutrition such as 20 gram whey/20gram casein and 20 oz gatormix post workout followed by Christian T’s eccentric Quasi-Iso 30 minutes later once again followed by the above mentioned
post workout drink. By the way did I mention that i am 44 years old and live at 8,000FT ???

I work with some incredible elite athletes here and the one thing we have in common is CONSISTANCY, period.
“if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always GOT” they get consistantly excellent results because they are consistantly excellent in their training as am I.

Good luck to one and all…the killerDIRK

Welcome. Congrats on the progress. Consisitency (and perserverence) can overcome a lot of things. Sleep and proper nutrition will always be my achilles.

Welcome to the old geezers’ home, Dirk. I’m defintely intriqued by anyone who STARTS squat at 275 and dl at 315. In my book, that qualifies you as gifted.

As for you 125 bench sucking, you wouldn’t believe how many years I had to sweat and strain before getting 125. So I’m impressed.

Welcome aboard, question about thread title is that a statement or question?