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Best Programs for Computer Security

Does anyone have suggestions for the best anti-spyware/adware/virus… software?

Free, or paid?

I personally have:
McAfee anti-virus
Webroot Spy Sweeper
Advanced System Optimizer (ASO)

Is there anything else out there that you think should be in everyone’s computer?

Mac OS X
Safari as your browser

Sure, there could still be problems, but nowhere near as many as you are getting if you need to resort to the above.

I use AGV Anti-Virus and Ad-Aware. Both are free and seem to work very well. I never have any problems with viruses or spy-ware.

You should definitely have a firewall also. I don’t know if the Windows XP firewall is adequate or not, but at least make sure that it is enabled.

The most important thing about antivirus and spyware protection, is keeping it updated, and actually scanning with it regularly.

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If you’re running XP (I think even 2000) you can get Microsoft Anti Spyware. I figure the more anti spyware programs you get, the safer you are.

Additionally, I prefer the Mozilla Firefox browser, as it seems to kill a lot more popups.

If you get an itch to download even more programs, download.com is an excellent website.

Avast Anti-Virus works really well

After running it for a while, Microsoft anti-spyware has proven itself. It works really well and hasn’t concumed too much resources. Works just as good and maybe better than my spybot and adaware combo. Has the advantage of more recent updates and better support.

XP’s firewall may not be the best it does a decent job for the average user. The most common problem I’ve seen is it blocking something you want access to.

If you I had to buy something I’d recommend Norton. You can go on ebay and buy last years version for dirt cheap. Get the Internet security package.

Also haveing multiple programs doing the same thing is not usually a good idea.

You have a good choice of stuff. Use firefox my man. Everything else is shit.

Kaspersky anti-virus.

Yeah, a big unknown. Doesnt change the fact that its the only program that could do the job when I really needed it.

Microsoft AntiSpyware is my choice. It’s free and regularly updated with new definitions. Plus I figure since Microsoft made the mess they should be able to clean it up. Firefox is generally good too and a better browser anyway. Just keep it updated. That goes for everything; keep stuff updated.

I have a linksys router with a built in firewall and Zone Alarm. It cost but it works.
I noticed that some of the free ones only worked for a couple of days. Anybody else notice that?

I’m thinking the best combo would be:

AVG Anti Virus (Only use 1 virus scanner, they can detect each other definintions and cause problems)
Microsoft Anti Spyware
Mozilla Firefox
Zone Labs Zone Alarm Software Firewall

If you want a bit more:
Spybot Search & Destroy
AdAware Anti Spyware
Linksis hardware firewall (Linksis is better than D-Link, Netgear, or Belkin, in my opinion; easier to set up, better menu system, more features if you need it)

Alternitively to Zone Alarm, Norton Firewall, but only use one.

Alt to AVG I’m not sure…