Best Program Without Percentages?

Hi all.English is not my first lenguage so I will try to keep it short.First CT thank you for all your help and articles you wrote.I have one question for you.What is best program for natural lifter who just wants to get strong for lets say bascetball with friends or life in general,BUT without percenteges.Something about percent based programs doesnt go well with me.In other words I hate them.
Thanks CT,I wish you well.

layers - ramp to a 1-3RM (before form breakdown/excruciating effort). take off 10-20 lbs do clusters. take off 10 lbs do 5x5 or density volume work. no need for percentages…

Layer is great but I was thinking something like 2-3 times a week

First, let me say that I love Layers and think you should do that – percentages are not that hard to figure out when you’re ramping to a new 3RM every day.

However, I understand your question. I recommend a Push, Pull, Legs split that goes as follows:

  1. PUSH
    Bench Press 5x5
    Shoulder Press 5x10
    Dips 5x10
    Choice Triceps 5x

  2. LEGS
    Back Squat or Leg Press 5x5
    Lunge 5x10
    Romanian Deadlift 5x10
    Calf Raise 5x

  3. PULL
    Barbell Row 5x5
    Pullup or Pulldown 5x10
    Seated Cable Row 5x10
    Choice Biceps 5x

It doesn’t get any simpler than that and it covers all of your bases…

Using Granites template, you can do some ab work all 3 days after the main lifts. Other than that I think he nailed it…

Thanks for your help guys.I really like push pull legs split.If only Layers could be used in that way.Maybe something like WS with near ME back of sets and bench dl and squat day.Im really low rep guy.

I’d do a 3-Day Layer like this:

  1. BENCH
    Ramp to 3rm
    100% of 3rm x 10 singles
    70% 3rm x 3 extended sets
    *pullups in between ever set of bench

  2. SQUAT
    Ramp to 3rm
    100% of 3rm x 10 singles
    70% 3rm x 3 extended sets
    Romanian DL 5x5

    Ramp to 3rm
    100% x 10 singles
    70% x 3 extended sets
    *pullups between every set of military press

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The training method behind Layers is really simple once you understand it. It was insanely effective for me, I’d recommend trying that 3 day version for sure. Your strength should move up rapidly if you really put in the effort it requires.

Thanks guys.I have one more month of my curent routine and then Im gona try this one.

I’m going to change my recommendation slightly… In the 3 day layer template I posted above, I would do dead squats/ aka trap bar deadlifts instead of squats. It’s a better bang for buck exercise of you’re not doing both conventional squats AND deadlifts. It also works better with doing “dead stop” reps.