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Best Program While On

I know this has been asked ad nauseum, and that this is an absurdly broad question, but what do ya’ll feel is the best way to train while on, let’s say with an 8-week cycle of test cyp and eq, with a 4 week d-bol frontload at 20mg a day?

I ask because this is what I’m thinking of doing, and I’ve been doing total body and upper/lower splits for awhile now. I was thinking maybe switching to a more “traditional” split routine while on to take advantage of my “enhanced” abilities. Any and all advice/replies/shit talking welcome.

Depends on your goals bro. What are you running and how long.


You really need to run a longer cycle imo. The test won’t kick in till about 4 weeks,and it takes eq about 5 or 6 to start seeing results.

Personally i think guys focus too much on the weights when they are on. Most of your gains will come from the kitchen. As long as your working to failure you will see the gains. But if the cals arent there, your wasting your time.

Either test cyp or test enth and eq at 500mg a week each and a 4week dbol kickstart at 20mg a day. Basically to put on as much size as possible [and yes, I will be eating acordingly].

I’m thinking of doing an 8week cycle because this is my first [I got some fake shit I tried a couple months back, so I don’t count that].Thanks for the replies and keep ‘em comin’.

Generally people will tell you to raise the volume and lower the intensity a since your muscular/neural strength will increase faster than your connective tissue’s durability. At the same time though I find that my endurance in the gym is lower while on due to the increased pumps as well as I think the neural strength boost allowing me to dig deeper in each set than normal. I don’t think I could handle a full body CW type routine as well as normal right now because of this.

Pick the dbol up some flash to about 40mg. You’ll like it. Majic summed it up, your cycle needs to be longer. You need your diet to be in check also. Max has a point. Overtraining and not haveing the chloric intake to back it up seems to be a common problem I see around the gym. Eat and it will come.

Get Swole,

You think I should do a 12 week cycle even though this is my first? I’m weary of upping the dbol to 40mg a day as I’ve heard about allkinds of nasty sides.
Ok, this is what I’ve come up with:test enth 500mg a week for 12 weeks, eq 500mg a week for 12 weeks,dbol 30mg a day for the first month and enough food to supply a Somolian village. Sound about right?

try the 5x5 program, I wouldn’t say any program is better than another its more about training with the most intensity, while changing up your lifting routine. I change mine up every 6-8 weeks, so that I don’t hit a plateau.


By George I think you’ve got it bro! I like it man. Looks just fine. Now we will tweak the training. ygpm bro.


I know this is also a very broad question, but assuming everything else is in order [and it will be], what kind of gains can/should I expect?


What body type are you? Ecto,Meso,Endo? This would help us out some on that last question.


I’d say ecto-meso. Since I’ve been traing [7yrs-3+seriously] I’ve put on about 45-50lbs… which puts me at a whopping 175 at about 5’9-5’10. My chest is “overdeveloped” in proportion to the rest of me, and my arms are lagging.

I haven’t taken legs as seriously as I should over the last 2 years, but I can still squat 315 for 3 to parallel, dead 435,and clean 245 any day of the week. The heaviest I’ve ever been is 178 and I was eating around 3800 cals daily,no cardio, no exceptions.

At that weight I benched 315, squated 365 and deaded??? I just broke up with my girl and my days consist of school, getting my pit kennel op up and running, getting my real estate license and lifting as heavy as possible/eating as much as possible. I’m not taking this lighly.

I plan on eating no less than 4200 cals a day and adjusting upwards as needed. I WILL BE 195 at around 10-12% benching in the low to mid 400’s, squatting in the mid500’s-low 600’s and deading in the 500-600 range. I’m not expecting all this during this cycle, but I would like to put on 15lbs and get strong as shit.

There it is, sorry for the length. Thank ya’ll for everything.