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Best Program Selection?

Alright so I started lifting in high school for basketball, but I did not take it very seriously until later in my senior year, and even then it was barely serious if you could call it that. I did the strong lifts 5x5 program for probably 4-5 months or so. Then I got to college and slacked off a bit, working out on and off with average effort my freshman year. Then, towards beginning of sophomore year I hopped right into a push pull legs program not realizing the volume may have been a bit high for my experience. Did that for about 7 months until coronavirus hit and then took another break until May. I’ve seen decent muscle gain but not the typical newbie gains you see in people who have been training seriously for almost a year. I was wondering if I would still be classified as a beginner because I really only have about 10 meaningful months of experience even though I have like 4 years of experience with just basic training. On top of this, would I be better off to go to something like an Upper Lower split or a PPLUL split, or do you think I could still see optimal results from staying on a PPL? I would say a typical week consists of me doing 16 sets of chest exercises, 18 of back, 12 shoulder, 6 bicep, 6 tricep, 3 of rear delts, and roughly 20 of legs. If I stay on a PPL should I lower my weekly volume?

What do you bench and deadlift?

Generally just run through progams off the Tnation part of the site:

If want PPl style, this good…

U/L do this…

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