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Best Program for Strength?

powerlifting strength, that is. want to compete in 9mos to a year. im an intermediate who has done Starting strength and is doing texas method.
mass is not a priority, but i AM in the 170lb range and need to pack on weight over time to get to lean 181. 16% bf right now :frowning:

what are your stats?

350 215 365
maxing out next wk

No such thing as best program.

Another good strength program that is popular right now in powerlifting, especailly the IPF and USAPL is Sheiko. There are many variations of it, and a lot of room for customization. So I would look into that.

I’d stick with what you’re doing until you really plateau. Linear progression is easily the fastest way until it stops working. No need to start getting fancy, unless of course you’re already there and have tried resetting only to keep getting stuck. In that case, I’ve never seen anyone not get strong as hell following a Westside split.

i am beginning to stall on it. it isn’t exactly linear either :stuck_out_tongue:

i looked at westside, it looks really complicated and different. and 2me and 2de days leaves no days for RE :frowning:

lift heavy reps with the basics worked for me to get strong

Check your big 3, Nutrition sleep and recovery.

Are you eating enough quality calories?
Are you getting 8-10 hours of sleep?
Have you planned your work out for ample recovery or deloaded to recover?