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Best Program for Natural Lifters - How Long Should my Workouts Last?

How long do your guys workouts generally last being that this program is high frequency low volume?

I’ve noticed that workout days that have more compound movements with the all out heavy double rest pause sets generally last 45 minutes at max while those with less compound movements that involve the heavy double rest pause sets are roughly 30 minutes.

How is my pace? Is it bad if my workouts are fluctuating from 30-45 minutes being that this routine advocates less time at the gym thus low volume?

Is this fine?

Mine are taking 30 minutes or less, probably because I take about 45 seconds between sets and 2 minutes between exercises.

I don’t know what CT recommends in general, but am doing it this way because

(1) rest times are hard for me to wait through, so I’m always chomping at the bit to get to the next set or movement

(2) I am trying to lean out so the shorter rests work for my goal.

I’d be interested to hear how CT recommends manipulating these times for (x)purpose.

30-45 sounds about right depending on the lifts for the day. I think any time you’re using a compound movement a little more rest is warranted for max performance of the lift.

If your push day consists of Squats, Arnold Press, Cali Press, and Pec Fly I’d imagine it going a lot faster than something like Leg Extension, Lateral Raise, Tri Pushdown, Pec deck.