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Best Program for Improving Endurance?


I’m looking for a good program for increasing my endurance with the use of a stationary bike.
I tried Tabata intervals but the intensity ( 170% V02max.) was way too high for me too handle. Is there a more beginner friendly version of HIIT which will improve my V02max. etc.?


Think spin class stuff. Come out of the saddle and crank up the difficulty when you feel the burning in your legs keep pedaling for a few more minutes then come down and lower the resistance.

You could try something like this:

Gear 1 - 5min
Gear 2 - 5min
Gear 3 - 5min
Gear 4 - 5min
Gear 5 - 3min
Gear 6 - 2min
Gear 4 - 2min
Gear 3 - 1min
Gear 2 - 1min
Gear 1 - 1min

30min total

Gears = resistance levels on the brake knob. Cadence is 96 pedal strokes/min at all resistance levels. This
is more of an aerobic approach than true HIIT, but it can be helpful to have a good aerobic base before you try to really push the intensity.

Ride as long as you can at an easy pace one day ride at a tougher pace the next. Try the Tabata once a week or every two weeks until you can handle it. Then you can move on.