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Best Program for Functional Strength?


Top priority is gaining lots of functional strength(GPP). Whatever size gains come along with it is fine but strength is the top priority. I got a tractor tire, some kegs, and I'm going to pick up some sand bags this weekend. What should I be doing in the gym to get stronger?

My workouts now are my own full body routine, based around compound movements. Deadlifts, squats, pressing and pulling movments make up the bulk of the routine.

I'm going to start Massive Eating now. I was doing the classic "eat everything in sight" bulk program but I'm getting fat and that is stupid, I should have known better but I learned my lesson quick.

So any ideas on a program for me?


Check out crossfit

A book titled "Functional Training for Sports" by Mike Boyle is great too. Has sample programs and everything.


is what your are doing now (deadlifts, squats, pressing and pulling movements) somehow giving you non-functional strength gains?

I think GPP is very important, but I don't think that GPP has anything to do with 'functional strength'...

so is what you are saying is...you want to improve your general conditioning level?

if so...then why don't you just type in GPP into the search utility tool to find appropriate articles?


I don't understand how any kind of strength can be non-functional strength. What kind of strength would that be?


Very good point! Every type of strength gained seems "functional" to me. What an overhyped phrase: "Functional Strength."


You want to gain "functional strength"?
Functional for what? Playing chess? Passing a firefighter's fitness test?
NFL combine? Cracking walnuts?

What's the final goal in all this strength gain?



yes but the cover is a guy with a med ball on a bosu ball


So essentially, you're judging a book by its cover. Excellent contribution...


I see "functional" as strength thats specifically linked with the goal(s) of the individual. Getting stronger on preacher bench curls won't help you 'function' better at running a marathon or a 100m dash or carrying a victim out of a burning building for example. It usually always comes back to 'different strokes...' anyway.


GPP is also different from functional strength


I am currently using crossfit. At first the method seems mad, but there is a method behind the madness.