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Best Program for Fat Loss

I am a new member to the site, but have read the various postings over the years. I welcome your advice on this question. What program would you recommend for losing fat? I am already on a good nutritional plan and I am seeing some weight loss, but I want to add muscle now and speed up the process.

I have struggled to take care of my body the past two years after my daugther died…the depression has been very difficult at times. I am now at the point that I want to get rid of this stuff and make her proud of her father.

Thanks for your help

Sorry to hear about your loss.

From my experience, I don’t suggest you try to speed up your fat loss, unless you have the will power to follow something like the Get Shredded Diet. I would maintain a great lifting program and continue to slowly cut the calories you are eating, while following Dr. Berardi’s seven habits principles.

Good luck.

10 times 3 for fat loss or Poliquin’s GBC should do the trick. You seem to be handling the situation well. Hang in there and good luck,

For me if fatloss is the main goal either full body like TBT or EDT with compounds work great. Both of course with a solid diet and whatever cardio is needed yet kept to the minimum to save muscle loss.