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Best Program for Fat Loss?


Hi All

I’m new to the forums and I am a bit overwhelmed by all the programmes there is to choose from.

I’m a female who currently does Crossfit so don’t have access to machines but do have access to KBs, Barbells, DBs etc.

What would be the best programme to use for fat loss and strength gains?



Hi there,

If your nutrition is on point most programs will help with fat loss unless you go really low volume. Ultimately the most important aspect for fat loss is diet.

However do check out the article ‘8 Rules for fat loss training’ on T Nation for some good pointers regarding training for fat loss.


Dave Palumbo’s keto diet might be a good starting point also - he lays out the macros in a number of interviews you can find through google :slight_smile: It’s pretty much 1.2 grams protein with .5grams fat per lb of body weight with a cheat meal once a week


If you don’t want the hassle of adhering to macronutrient ratios and counting calories do a Google search for ‘precision nutrition how to fix a broken diet’ for some great hassle free nutritional guidelines. I’ve done ketogenic diets too and personally have found that they have a negative impact on my training and recovery, and that they are psychologically difficult to maintain but you may fare differently.