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Best Program - Day of Low Reps/High Sets

Hi Ct

With the best damm program

Can you have some days where instead of working up to a top very hard set, you do 6-10 sets of 3 ala 'look like a bodybuilder program ’ both approaches are limiting cortisol and have the same push/pull set up so I would think it would be fine?

Thanks CT

This is from a book I’m writing on programing for natural individuals.


A lot of studies have show that heavy work leads to a greater testosterone level than higher reps. In reality I don’t think that it’s because the heavy work raises testosterone that much more but rather because heavy work doesn’t raise cortisol as much as high volume work.

Cortisol is released during training mostly to mobilize stored energy to fuel muscle contraction. Specifically, it is raised when you need to mobilize glycogen and fat.

Higher rep work relies more on glycogen whereas heavier, lower reps work utilizes mostly the phosphagens for fuel. Phosphagen is the main source of energy for very intense contraction as long as it doesn’t last more than 12 seconds of so, after that the body switches to glycogen.

So if I’m using sets of 1-3 reps for example none of my sets will last over 12 seconds. And if I give sufficient rest between sets I can replenish the phosphagens before the next set. You are still using up some glycogen to restore the phosphagens, but still a lot of less then if you are doing higher reps.

As you can see strength-skill work (80-90% zone, not to failure) will not use up much muscle glycogen and as such you do not need to produce as much cortisol as during higher rep work (because cortisol is released to mobilize energy).

Now, cortisol and testosterone are fabricated from the same mother hormone (pregnenolone). The more cortisol you produce, the less material you have left to make testosterone.

Cortisol is the number 1 enemy of muscle growth in natural trainees; that’s why doing too much volume is a bad mistake. But with strength-skill work it is possible to do multiple sets (within reason) without jacking up cortisol.

Which is a good thing because strength-skill requires you to do many sets.


A maximum effort causes psychological stress, especially when you are getting near 100%. That psychological stress can (will) increase the output of adrenalin and cortisol. Even though it doesn’t require a high mobilization of energy you are still getting the release in these stress hormones because of the intense psychological drain of training with maximum weights.

That’s one of the reasons why maximum effort work needs to be treated like volume for the natural trainee: don’t do too much of it or you will kill you gains or even regress.

So while you can do a fairly high amount of work when doing strength-skill work (80-90%, not to failure), you absolutely cannot do a high volume of work when training in the maximum effort zone (91-100%).

You can do at the most 4 lifts in the 90-100% zone in a workout devoted to that type of training. More than that and you are asking for trouble.

So yes, plenty of sets of 2-3 reps at around 80-88% can work for the development of strength. I would only use one lift like this in a workout because even though each set doesn’t use a lot of glycogen, you still use up some to replenish ATP stores between sets.

Cool, thank you CT.

So perhaps if I have a 3 exercise rotation for each muscle group, have one of those exercises be for 6-10 sets of 3 at that %

What do you think about such a variation of the 4 day fullbody program:
Day 1
A1 Pull-up - 8x3
A2 Military press - 8x3
B Cable biceps curls - 2 sets, 1 all-out set
C Leg extensions - 2 sets, 1 all-out set
Day 2
A1 Bench press - 8x3
A2 Bent over barbell row - 8x3
B Triceps cable extensions - 2 sets, 1 all-out set
C Seated leg curls - 2 sets, 1 all-out set
Day 3
A1 Front squat - 8x3
A2 Barbell biceps curls - 8x3
B Lateral raise- 2 sets, 1 all-out set
C Machine pull-up - 2 sets, 1 all-out set
Day 4
A1 Barbell stiff legged deadlift - 8x3
A2 Dip - 8x3
B Rope row to neck - 2 sets, 1 all-out set
C Incline fly - 2 sets, 1 all-out set

Well, I mentioned that I recommend doing 1 exercise per workout using higher sets and lower reps and you do two. Right off the bat I don’t feel like giving you advice because you decided to against the ONE thing I have recommended so far.

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CT , sorry one more question

Would muscle snatches be OK on the best damn program? I love muscle snatches but is it OK doing them for more than 6 reps and rest paused?

I would use the muscle snatch or any olympic lifting variation with lower reps and focus on speed NOT using maximum hypertrophy technique, even less rest/pause… don’t combine a neurally demanding exercise with a neurally demanding method