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Best Program Choice Before Holiday Vacation?

Hello CT,

I’m going on vacation to the Dominican Republic in late January and actually I follow your Fastest Way to get jacked, I think to finish it at the end of the year and start a new program before leaving on vacation (4-5 weeks).

I have some options in front of me :

  • Max muscle layer (I see a lot of love about this one on the forum)
  • HSS-100 Shoulders spécialisation (Big Shoulders To look good)
  • GVT (antagonistic muscles)
  • Best Damn

Which option would be the best to look good on the beach? :sunglasses::sweat_smile:

That gives you enough time to run 6 Weeks to Superhero or Built for Bad as well.

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I did not know this program (Built for Bad), but it looks very challenging and I will certainly try it maybe after the max muscle layer (I don’t really know my max at this moment)