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Best Private Provider?

Alright chaps
I’m 45 and feeling all the symptoms of lol T.
I am looking for a reputable lab that can provide me with treatment. I understand my T is going to be low compared to say a 21yo, I also understand that T in men has dropped massively over the last 20 years.

Question is, are there any labs out there that would be prepared to provide optimum levels? Exp the levels of a 21 yo, NOT just the average of a 45yo male that has not only lower T due to age but also environmental issues like dissolved birth control in the drinking water ect.

Does a clinic like this even exist in the UK?
I am told medical facilitators can be a way to get a more “generous” dosage, but I would not have a clue how to find one.

Many thanks for your time reading this, I am sure it’s been asked before but I couldn’t see anything, so any replies would be very welcome.

Are you ready to pay or you wanna go cheap?

Cheers for reply,
Cheap would be good, payings ok but I don’t have the 500 odd quid the Harley street clinics want

Don’t know if they work with the UK, but Defy Medical is very popular around these parts, and I’ve had a great experience with them.

Hi mate, that was my first post, just working out that this is predominately a US site :roll_eyes:. You guys have it better there, in the UK our medical professionals are way behind you guys in regard to the health and psychological benefits of TRT.
I have done a short cycle of black market test enanthenate (spelling?) and it literally changed my life, morning wood, better at work, more aggressive with my work out, more motivated. So I really need to get on this, but don’t fancy moody black market gear, it’s an unreliable source and zero idea where it came from, which is quit a big deal when your jacking it straight into your system lol. Just need to find a friendly doc :slightly_smiling_face:

Balance My Hormones is in Dorset, a telemedicine clinic as well. I believe Defy Medical will consult and direct your TRT protocol should you need expert guidance.

I’ve seen balance a lot, they look kosha, do you think they are likely to provide treatment? Even if my T is the average for a man my age? As in help me maintain optimum levels, and not just go (well his 45 western white male, his T is shit but it’s normal) if you know what I mean? :slightly_smiling_face:

How could I know, you haven’t posted any labs. You can always buy testosterone over the counter and utilize Defy Medical to guide your therapy if the clinic doesn’t work out.

Normal testosterone is vague, you can have a high Total T, high SHBG and low Free T which would mean the free portion of testosterone is low.

Sorry man I’m pretty new to this, I’ve not worked out since I was in my 20s and TRT was not even an option back then, unless it was out of a car boot in a car park, and the stigma back then of “roid rage” ect turned me off, I was too much of a live wire as it was lol. But yes I’ll give balance a go, or at least do there blood test, then at least I’ll be able to post some results.
Thanks for the reply mate :+1: