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Best price for CLA tonalin brand

I am sure this has been discussed before, but when I search for CLA, I get 0 hits. Has anyone found an inexpensive source for CLA made by Tonalin. For some reason I have been told or read to only buy the Tonalin brand for. Am I dreaming or is it a quality issue? Thanks for any help.

The kind that TC discussed in his article was made by a Scandinavian company, and it now bears the name Clarinol. However, I too would like to hear of an inexpensive source for CLA that contains the relevant isomers.

Protein factory $50.00 lb

Swanson at www.swansonvitamins.com has Tonlin CLA, 90 gelcaps, 1,000mg for $11.99. Not sure how this compares to other pricing, but I was flipping through their catalog when I read your post. A warning about Protein Factory, though: I had CLA added to my powder and I thought it tasted AWFUL. I sent it back. I’ll only go with pills now.

Is the Protien factory’s CLA in powdered form? I have heard that the CLA tastes like ass when mixed in protien drinks from Protien factory. Along these lines does anyone know of a liquid source of CLA. It goes to reason that it would be much more cost effective, ie… flax and fish oils, than capsule form. One more question how many MG or grams are in 1lb of bulk powder?

Protein Factory’s CLA taste like ass is to kind. I’m sure it’s quality it’s just hard to swallow. There CLA is 50% CLA. Vitaminshoppe has a good price and it is tonlin.

Does anyone else have any feedback on the Proteinfactory’s CLA? I know that it tastes like pure ass, but is the quality there?

You can buy empty gel caps and fill with cla. I take a teaspoon full and mix in water hold my nose and drink. Gag…

To the person who asked for liquid CLA: Optibolic (a GNC subsidiary) just released a liquid CLA using the Tonalin form. It isn’t cheap though, and I don’t know what the taste is like. You can get a second bottle for half price so that would make it more cost-effective.

I use Vitamin Shoppe brand, partially because I work there. However, I’m sure you can probably find exceptionally cheaper prices like someone mentioned Swanson. Go for that one, but if not you’re welcome to try out Vitamin Shoppe brand.