Best Preworkout?

Hey guys,

What do you think is the best pre workout that you have tried that doesn’t make you too jittery but gets you HYPED up. Recently I had a few samples of bang pre workout and loved it. But I’m wondering if it was just the large amounts of caffeine in bang that hyped me up. Is it really worth buying such an expensive drink? Or would it be more beneficial to just buy some aminos, L-carnitine, beta-alanine, etc. and take a caffeine pill with it.

Has anyone every tried to blend their own pre workout or tried caffeine pills?

Also, the reason I didn’t mention L-arginine for the “do-it-yourself” pre workout blend, is because I have read a lot of research saying L-arginine doesn’t really vasodilator your vessels anymore than just exercising would!

I’ve used caffeine pills for years and will continue to. Lots of energy and mental focus with no beta-alanine flushing or jitters. Price-wise, they are far and away better than buying needlessly expensive pre workout powders. Also no lower back pumps, which as a powerlifter are annoying as shit but I understand bodybuilders like the pump.

Two shots of man-the-fuck up. Sorry I had to



Seriously, if you need caffeine to function, yeah, well, sorry to burst that bubble, but, no.

You need food, water, sleep, bathroom breaks, but caffeine??

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Lotsa Joe before, BCAAs during.


Which one of those is plazma?

Not understanding the question…

Just go to the store. All info is there.

It was a joke. You state you need food, water, sleep but, suggest Plazma a supplement.

500 ml coffee and 2 scoops Plazma

never fails

Anyways, not a huge fan of stimulants beyond coffee

I like the Spike pills, easier to control dosage. 150mg caffeine per serving, so I’ll have one if I need a small boost and on rare occasion 2. No jitters, great for focus.

I’ve read here that arginine CAN do what it is said to do, but the dosage needs to be insanely high before it actually works. High enough that you’ll get a stomach ache from how much you’re taking.

The substitute is citrulline. That supposedly does what arginine is supposed to do with a reasonable dose.

You can try adding that into your home-made preworkout and see how it goes. I’ve found it for pretty cheap online.

2g L-Carnitine, 4.g Citriline Malate, 3.g HMB and a large coffee - 30 mins prior to fasted/semi fasted training. Works for me

An espresso, some blueberries, and maybe one of those peanut butter cocoa balls my GF sometimes makes.


Strong coffee and if my first use of it is indicative, Plazma.

Citruline Malate - at least 6 grams
HMB - 3g or BCAA - 5g
Caffeine - 200mg

Beta Alanine and Creatine can be used pre workout but don’t offer any specific benefit to being used pre as opposed to just taking anytime and letting the effect build up in your system. Some research suggests that taking creatine PW will give better absorption due to insulin spike from PWO shake.

25-50mg of DMAA


100-200mg of caffeine.

Coffee and, separately, BCAAs and creatine

I know this is a bit of an old post, but I’m interested in putting together my own “home-made” preworkout. Can you help me out? Are these all pills?

I don’t drink much coffee, and would rather take a caffeine pill - is the effect as quick as it needs to be if you do that, though?


I buy in powder form on Amazon. Caffeine pills are inexpensive but I recommend the anhydrous kind. I’m not using HMB anymore. I just use 5 grams of Leucine instead. Also, betaine and beta-alanine can be good and can also be bought from BulkSypplements. Do some google searches and read up to see what kind of dosage you want to use, people say different things.

Nicotine gum.