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Best Pre Workouts?

Not a stim junkie need something for better Concentration and a Filthy Pump

Two cups of black coffe, no sugar works for me. The price is right also.


Especially if you get the coffee at work for free before lifting!


This may not be a popular thing to promote but I have been training on an empty stomach for years. I get a great pump and many other advantages that those who eat a pre workout meal/shake just don’t get.

" An empty stomach triggers a cascade of hormonal changes throughout the body that are surprisingly conducive to both building muscle and burning fat".

as they say in this article, you can drink calorie free supplement before gym, and cafeine pills… i like this article !

but its really hard to push the limit and to increase squat and deadlift weight with an empty stomach…

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Black coffee and a banana.

It’s what our ancestors did. Do you think they had all the meat that they could eat BEFORE the hunt? Our bodies are programmed to grow more muscle after a hard session on an empty stomach and then a fest immediately thereafter.

Okay…its one theory and there are others. But this method has served me and others that I have trained quite well for over 30 years.

I’ve been training fasted the last couple months, very early, and from a(n) n=1 standpoint, I’m loving it, been dropping weight, pushing PRs up, and feeling solid pumps. Obviously (as they mentioned) time of day matters, but I have had solid strength progression doing it this way.

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There is much being written as of late on intermittent fasting. No doubt it has to do with our ancestors being without food for great periods of time. The survival mode kicks in. HGH actually rises when training in a fasted state and if you have been without food for 14-15 hours your body is in ketosis and will burn fat instead of carbs for energy. There are advantages to training with no food in the gut.

1/2 Scoop of protein powder, betaine and some carbs. You don’t need pump products for an effective workout.

Tyrosine and caffeine work well for me. I try to only use this when I’m not feeling 100%.

I have tried that, also, and found that after an adaptation period that I could get surprisingly good workouts in while fasted. I think this may be best for those that are looking to lose weight, as I was very lean when doing this. I still do fasted cardio often, but will consume calories prior to lifting.

If you prioritize performance over aesthetics, though, I would definitely eat before training. If you look at the top athletes or olympians, no one competes at a high level in a fasted state. Michael Jordan wasn’t fasting when he won NBA rings, and Mike Tyson wasn’t in ketosis when he was KO’ing fellas in the first round.

So, to the original question: pre-workout is usually coffee, a banana, and half an almond butter sandwich. Then it’s a spinach/blueberry/whey protein smoothie immediately after, and a meal within 30-45 minutes.

Sorry to bump an old thread, just joined. I do the same thing, train early (in the gym by 6:30am) on an empty stomach. Life Recovery Wellness Pre-Workout 10min prior and sip on BCAA’s during. Combo has been working great for over a year, love it.

I have been working on my pre-training routine for some time since I had low energy problem from an early age. These practices help me:

  1. Get enough sleep (Most underestimated thing!)
  2. If you are working out in the morning like me have a very little breakfast. If your training is in the daytime, eat no less than 3 hours before training. (In both cases meal should be a mixture of carbs and protein).
  3. Best supplements are caffeine, creatine and good pre-workout pump. But pump is not necessary. Caffeine and creatine are enough if you are not such low energy person like me :slight_smile: I have also good experiences with protein shakes, but this depends on your protein day intake.
  4. Hydrate all the time.

cafeine kill the creatine effect, they don’t fit together

take them at different moment