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Best Pre-Workout?

I need a good pre-workout drink, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I really like Coffee + carnitine.

Why do you need one?

I tried Dust by Blackstone Labs and it made my body feel ill. The energy is bar none. however. Mesomorph is similar in intensity. Just ridiculous.

As far as practical preworkouts that don’t make you feel like you’re gonna pass out and die, try Animal Rage. High caffeine but doesn’t seem to induce general organ failure and instant diarrhea.

Aside from that, coffee works wonders.

I´m also still confused about all this pre and post workout nutrition crap!

I train right after waking up in the morning. Should I have something pre workout? carbs? protein? carbs and protein? how much?

I appreciate every help, thank you!

Plazma or Surge Workout Fuel so you’re actually getting useful nutrients that improve performance and recovery instead of just stimulants. If you want a buzz, pop a No-doz.

Yep. Fast-acting protein and carbs to fuel the training. The ones linked above absorb faster than whey, so they’re the way to go (no pun intended, seriously). This article explains more about what/why/when.

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Lots of clinically dosed quality ingredients that help offset fatigue, increase blood flow, increase mental focus, and just enough stimulants to wake you up without making you jittery. I love the stuff, great muscle pumps, great focus, great vascularity, I feel like an animal while lifting. Honestly probably wouldnt work out without it.



Preworkouts are money best spent elsewhere.

Probably the best Chappelle episode ever!

Typical amounts: 1 cup of coffee, 1 banana, scoop of protein powder in some type of liquid (real milk, almond milk, or coconut water). So probably 25-40 g of carbs, 20-30 g of protein, and caffeine. I am not a fan of pre-workout powders, artificial colors of flavors, or isolated caffeine pills/powder.

I used to workout “fasted” in the late morning, but gave that up. I feel infinitely better (during the workout, but really more so the rest of the day) if I have some caffeine, carbs, and protein.

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