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Best Pre-Workout Supps?


I just tried Ronnie's new pre-workout, Myo-Blitz, and I have to say I was pretty impressed. I definately reccommend it.

Jack3d is really great, but I find that half the time I take it, I'm blasted for like ten hours, and the other half I don't get anything. Did Anyone else have this?

I find Myo-Blitz is way more consiistent and gives me better focus.


Caffeine, anywhere from 250-500mg.

Huperzine A is pretty kick ass, too.


Caffiene alone won't do it for me. I used to meake my own ECAs before the politicians got involved.


then you are too reliant on stims.


Do you do 500mg caffeine pre-workout? I find caffeine has an odd bell-curve response. Too little: nothing, just a tiny shade too much: jittery and 'not there'. I thought I had high caffeine tolerance but 500mg in one go? I'd be sky-high


right now, 250mg. Used to take 500mg, but it was too much. Even if I don't 'feel' the caffeine, 250mg is 250mg and it is doing it's thing.


I know.


lol. touche. watch out for dem adrenalz brah.


Back when I was in college, we'd make a homemade ECA, take GHB postworkout -- all ingredients legally purchased over-the-counter from GNC. When they pulled Eph. and G I didn't have the heart to work out for about seven years:(


I just take Amino Energy by OP. Along with half teaspoon of beta alanine and 5 grams creatine. Best preworkout I have found and none of the jitters.


Creatine gives me cramps so I take it in the evening.


Three york peppermint patties (fun sized)
1 Scoop of whey protein
1t creatine
250mg Alpha Lipoic Acid

60% of the time it works every time.


Not really preworkout, but I like sipping on pepto pro and water while training.


200-400mg caffeine for ms, although a lot of the time I dont bother unless I'm feeling really sluggish


Coffee and a b complex work well for me. And they're antioxidents!

Good for recovery too?


I'm all about jack3d, but if I need a good hour and a half after eating for me to feel the full effects. Otherwise it feels like it just combines with the food and sits like a rock in my stomach.


Theres plenty of research showing why it isnt beneficial to consume antioxidants preworkout.

How much? I dont remember.


1,3 DMAA destroys caffeine in every way. Its everything a pre workout stimulant should be. Extreme focus, strength increase, and sustained energy.

If you get that from caffeine, great. But most get an initial buzz, a little shaky, and then a quick comedown. I think caffeine is good for the metabolism boosting effects but the point of diminshing returns wrt to the other effects is pretty low IMO.

With that said, Jack3d is ridiculously overpriced. Similar products exist 135 scoops for $18 or so compared to jack3d 90 scoops for $25+.


Do you buy 1,3 DMAA in bulk on it's own or in the form of another preworkout supp like jack3d?


for what it's worth, I find there's a huge difference between Java Stim (Poliquin caffeine product), as opposed to some caffeine tabs at Walgreens. 500mg of the OTC stuff made me feel nauseous, but that doesn't happen with Java Stim at the same amount. It's got two amino acids in there to support the adrenals... so yeah it's a tiny bit more expensive, but well worth it imo.