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Best Pre-Workout Supp? No Creatine


what is the best preworkout supp out there without creatine?

white flood ect. what do ya'll think.


I'd have to say Surge Workout Fuel.

I'm practically addicted to it.




Spike downed with some coffee.


As posted above: Surge Workout Fuel.
I take half my drink (2 scoops) about 20-30 minutes before I work out.
It's a great stimulant-free way to boost your workout quality and it keeps things very simple.


I have my PWO shake, pre workout.


a drink without creatine?!?! is there such a thing?

kid, there are thousands of combinations.

some people (like elusive) want a big calorie drink to fuel them and they probably have it with enough time for it to digest partially. others (SWF fans) don't go for a high calorie and want something to "prime the pumps"

stuff like "No-explode" and "white flood" might not have creatine in them, but i can almost bet that they have 1,000 other random things in there that you have no idea what they are doing.

if you want something, start out simple. buy some L-Leucine and gatorade powder. give that a shot; after googling what the benefits of these are. it's better to know what your ingesting then 'trusting' a company that's just in it for your $$


OP, check out http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/diet_performance_nutrition_supplements/surge_workout_fuel for more on Surge Workout Fuel.