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Best Pre-Workout Boost During Cut?

Trying to lose a lb a week and sometimes don’t have enough energy to get through a WS4SB or HIIT routine. I want a supplement with under 200 calories and won’t intefere or inhibit fat loss, a supplement that can be taken 5-30 minutes before the workout.

I was thinking Maximuscle Viper but I’m unsure and then I’ve thought plain old maltodextrin although pure products are hard to buy here. I’ve also thought PHD Battery but more lately would the product known as “Garnell - Enrage” be of use ?


Basically it has 3g of Creatine in it and I’m unsure if Creatine will inhibit fat loss ? If it will bloat me even though it’s a relatively small dosage. I’m sure that with the Glucose, Fructose and Dextrose will supply energy and 200mg of Caffeine but what will 3g of Creatine do ?

Does anyone else have any good safe pre workout supplements other than an N.O. products or anything with Ephedra/Ephedrine in it ?

Why not use Biotest German Creatine and a Spike Shotgun?

Then you could take however much Creatine you want and be ready to tear the weights up.

I don’t want any N.O. products basically because i don’t trust them. I’m on a cut so I’m not wanting to gain weight or appear more bloated with excess water retention.

Just with Enrage i’m not sure if the caffeine will be counter productive with the creatine that’s also in it.