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Best Pre/Post Workout Drink Ever!


So the other day I was feeling pretty tired in the morning before working out and I didn't want to have to drink my usual pre-WO Surge AND coffee before I headed to the gym, so I decided to dump the chocolate Surge in with my black coffee, and now I'm hooked!

Here's what I do:
Make coffee about twice as strong as usual (you'll be adding a lot of ice).
Pour the coffee over ice.
Add chocolate Surge, and some more ice cubes if you want it to be ice cold.

Give it a shot! I'm currently cutting up and the thought of getting to drink this gets me amped to work out every time haha.


Why does everybody need caffeine in some form or another? I've never drank coffee or taken caffeine pills and don't plan on it. If it's not that they're drinking monster or red bull.

Imo, if you need something to get you going everyday then you need to reevaluate your nutrition and maybe your lifestyle. Not slamming people, but I worry that we rely on supps too much and don't focus on the big picture.


Oh yes!


I never did until college. I still don't usually, but occasionally I drink coffee because I like the taste and it gives me energy when I'm tired. Now I just drink it because Surge+coffee is fucking delish haha.


Caffeine is the fucking bomb. I don't care if I become addicted to coffee, or that I need to rely on caffeine sometimes in the morning. It's the fucking shiz-diggity.


Well whoop de fucking do.... :PPPP

Seriously though, abstaining from coffee really isn't something to get all righteous about.

I regularly bring a hot cup of coffee with me while I work out. And to tell you the truth, I think it makes me a better person than you.



you know, the thermogenic effect, and whatnotz.


Young people tend to be so judgmental. :smiley:

I can definitely see that!

Btw, don't you, and your avatar/photos/videos/log/whatever, belong in the Over 35 Forum? :wink:


I enjoy coffee, but not regularly because otherwise there'd be no point supplementing with creatine.


i only started using caffeine pre w/o when i was about 38/39 ( im 43 now ) .
as i side note i didn't feel a drop in energy ( only a slight drop) until i hit my late 30's .
what have any of you older boys or girls noticed in relation to age/energy etc ? .
i dont and never did drink coffee , just didn't like it .


I'm TERRIBLE when it comes to caffeine lol. I'm in the habit of making a fresh pot of coffee every morning, no matter what day it is. I also have a preWO stim that I take. And sometimes, I like to enjoy a Low Carb Monster energy drink, they're friggin' delicious! I joke with my friend about how it will be the death of me. I don't drink or smoke though, so I gotta have something to keep me sane. It's what I enjoy :slight_smile:

Wait, why is this?


450mg of caffeine 64 mg of Ephedrine.

I won't live past 25 but I have sick workouts.

and poops.

and LOL to Debra.

That is all.


I've heard some people say caffeine inhibits creatine absorption or some such thing; dunno if that's true, but that's probably what he was referring to.


he that drinketh the devils brew and popeth the stims of satan shall all be struck down and forever burn in hell . YOUVE BEEN WARNED


What do you mean?? I'm only 25! :wink:


I think Chris Shugart wrote about using vanilla Metabolic Drive as a creamer for coffee, I'm going to try that with whey protein now that I have some vanilla.

I was taking near 1200mg a day for the last two weeks leading up to my shows -- I don't think it hurt my creatine absorption. Definitely helped me study and be efficient while eating nothing and training hard.


Caffeine is a vaso-constrictor.

Good for the fat guys and their singles, doubles, triples.


Can you elaborate this?

Or anybody else?

When I've looked into caffiene and athletic performance... I've only seen that it has been shown to help endurance activities... but not short-term activities like sprinting. So wouldn't low reps with heavy weight be short-term / high-intensity like sprinting?


Caffeine is VERY important pre workout to boost explosive, improve focus, strength etc...BUT it is something that should be cycled to ensure its effects...For eg, on Off days, minimal caffeine, maybe 1 coffee. And at times, take a good week of all stimulants. This way, you will get the most out of them imho.



Then I hope you get those teeth whitened. A lot of regular coffee drinkers have nasty ass yellow teeth.