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Best Pre and Post Workout Meals?

i was wondering what are the best pre and post workout meals.i usually workout first thing in the morning and have some fruit before it.should i include some coffee too?i heard its good.of course without milk i mean.

i usually have oatmeal,a big glass of milk,some egg whites some whole wheat bread for break fast which is a while after my protein supplement after the workout.

im still curious about the coffee though i have heard a lot about caffeine.any advice?

substitute coffee for rhodeola rosea

Skip the fruit pre-workout, if any carbs just have some organic raisins and a protein shake

a cup of milk before a workout actually isnt that bad of an idea, i would probably stick with 1 or 2% rather than whole milk though.

try eating whole free run eggs, the yolk contains half the protein in the egg and the cholesterol you get from it is the good type and will increase testosterone a little.

since the point of the first meal and the post workout meal are both aiming to replenish glycogen and get you into a anabolic state, they will be fairly similar meals.

you want to eat the simple carbs (bread) right after the workout instead of later on, and then eat the complex carbs (oatmeal) later… so switch that around

also bread isnt the best choice, dried sugary fruits like dried cranberries are the best, even bananas.

by the way from what your eating im going to guess your bulking, this doesnt look like a cut diet.