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Best Prank Calls EVER

I did the dirty work of finding the best… they are all beyond classic.


Joe Pesci calls Black guy

C-SPAN compilation

Limo Driver(personal favorite)

Ok… these are for the nerds out there like me.

Duke Nukem - Vent harassment (funny even if you don’t game)

Parental Ownage for a late night WoW session

You missed this one:


Under “limo driver” (personal fav)




Tom Mabe is a classic.

[quote]ShaneM686 wrote:

Parental Ownage for a late night WoW session

bhahahahahahahahahahahah!! What fucked kid. He definately got pwn3d by ma and pa. I bet he is one of those whiney losers that would bitch in a game if someone was better then them. And claim everyone better must be cheating some how. If I was his dad the computer would get tossed into the garbage real quick. I would also ban him from all computer and gheymer activities.