Best Practices Similar to Best Damn?

Hello Everyone,

I recently heard a podcast where the guest incorporated this rep scheme: Using the same weight, perform 1 rep; rest 10 seconds; perform 2 reps; rest 10 seconds; perform three reps; rest 10 seconds etc. up to 6 reps. Once you get to 6 reps, increase the weight. It seems to be a variation of the schemes involved in the Best Damn workouts, which appear to be variations of taking one set to failure.

So here’s a question for CT and the forum, has anyone else heard or practiced different variations of taking a set to failure? If so, do you have a few favorites? It doesn’t matter if they are proven or anecdotal.


I don’t know how similar to BDW but I think CT used “volume ramping” in either indigo or I-bodybuilder. It sounds similar but he would superset it with a heavier exercise for lower reps.

My favorite are Cluster Sets and Double Rest Pause sets but I have come to like the Countdown Method that I learnt from Ben Bruno. I’ve replaced Drop Sets and Myo sets with it.

There’s a bodyweight/calisthenics style fo training that uses that exact method to build muscle.

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 pyramid style. Even on a basic pushup taht is HARD! And eventually you can work down the pyramid.

1-2-3-4-5 would be used for a more difficult leveraged exercise (handstand pushup…straddle placnhe as example).

With weights i have never done what you mentioned. I always pyramided down in reps: 5/4/3/2/1…7/5/3/7/5/3

IT would be interesting to try what you’re suggesting. Maybe nice as a volume/backoff set sort of approach on a compound or assistance move

I’ve actually done that, but never made the connection while using weights, and it’s so obvious: go up; go down; down and up; up and down! I suppose we could use any pyramid scheme as long as the rest periods are short and the time under tension totals about a minute.
Personally, I wouldn’t go to failure on lower body compound movements, but certainly most, if not all, the assistance and isolation movements.

I couldn’t find the Countdown Method; what is it?

It’s ironic you mention ramping; a few weeks ago I wanted to change things a bit and ramped a few of the Best Damn exercises. It was refreshing!