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Best Practices for Surge


Hey all,

I have basically been following the instructions when using my Surge, namely, "chugging" most of it immediately post workout, then finishing up the rest after my shower as I drive home. I have heard some people suggest it is better to sip half of it throughout the workout then chug the rest at the end. Any thoughts on which approach is better?

I'm sure this makes the most trivial of differences, but I figure if I'm gonna bust my ass in the gym I should be getting all I can from my supps.

Thanks in advance!


I follow Waterbury and others suggestion. Sip half a dose during the workout and take the second half right after with an optional 3-5G of Creatine. Then if you can afford it and you really worked out (didn't just go through the motions) take another whole dose and hour later. Listen to Chad Waterbury's audio interview he has some great tips on PW nutrition.


Nice, thanks for the tips bro. I think I'll forego the extra dose for now - stuff is a bit expensive!! (Plus its extra cals). For now, I'll drink half during workout, chug half right after, then eat a balanced meal or snack 1-1.5 hrs later.

Maybe when I do a full on bulking stage, I'll add in the extra dose.


Changed mine up and love it. I am doing a Full serving prior. About 1/2 half our before then finish it during the first few minutes of training. Man gives me an AWESOME w/o. Then hit a small meal. Liquid usually Grow! and simple cereals then hour later or so. a Nice meal with plenty of Pro, healthy fats and veggies.

In short try things out. I just found that the prior nutrition has the effect of amping up the w/o and stiil aid recovery.


I agree with Phil. Recent studies have shown a positive effect when one consumes Protein prior to a workout. I don't know what the data is on taking carbs PWO though...
Personally I just take 20 grams of whey isolate pre-workout, half a Surge during my workout, half after...and a carb meal either liquid or solid 45-60 minutes later


I agree with the general consensus in that I have felt a slight (but noticeable) improvement in the end of my workouts when I drink Surge during. I usually wind up drinking about 2/3 of it during my workout though.

On a related note, I ran out of Surge this week so while I've been waiting for it to ship I bought some "Power Load" from GNC. To me, it definitly seems to be a slight notch below.

Again, not a huge difference (although the Cherry flavor I have tastes like ass, I don't think Surge is great, but I definitly like the taste better than Power Load). Also, I believe it has a little less protein and I feel like the recovery affect is just a bit weaker than Surge. Anybody else try this product?