Best Powerlifting Program

Starting Strength/Practical Programming (ie. The Texas Method)!

Rip says so:

I’d say the same thing if I sold a program.

Most great lifters that had to work for their greatness will tell you the best program is the one you believe in, will adhere to and which doesn’t kill you.

I know a guy who largely in part only does Squat, Bench and deadlift, he makes some solid progress because he’s 100% sold on that method. He does some tricep work and I’ve seen him to leg press once or twice but largely his program is squat,bench,deadlift. Several days a week.

It’s working for him but eventually it won’t and hopefully it’s not due to injury.

Buy in is great, but don’t be so devoted to one training method you loose sight of the goal ( to get better )


Basic principle you need to know: You have to progressively move more weight over time if you’re gonna get stronger. How you get there is up to you.

There are principles in the place and its those principles you should use, not necessarily a program.

However, some lifters need those programs and that’s cool if you do. Eventually, the stronger you get the more that program is gonna have to change because you will not be able to keep up with the volume at whatever percentages that program is using. You will have to adjust volume, load and intensity over time.

Just pay close attention to how your body responds and adjust accordingly.


I have tried the Texas Method. I did not like it much. Really was too brutal. His programs are great for a majority of lifters (the beginners).

You can get stronger just walking into the gym as a beginner.

I’m not saying his stuff doesn’t work but giving merit to a program because it works on beginner’s can be a bad idea.

That was kind of my point. It didn’t work for me, because it is a form of LP, and I think for me I needed less intensity, and more volume.

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I’ve found I need Volume AND intensity. Generally speaking. My body hates me.