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Best Powerlifting Belts in UK?

I am new to powerlifting and have been training for around a year, I don’t have amazing lifts but they’re not too bad.
I am starting to look for a belt to use for squats and deadlifts and want to any good ones to buy, I don’t want to spend too much but I want a good quality one. TIA

SBD is made in the UK. You could get a cheaper one like Inzer or something but with shipping and taxes it might be close to the same price.

Strength Shop has a UK website. I’ve never used their belts but have heard good things from guys I know that do, they’re pretty cheap too.

Used 10mm strength shop lever belt for 2 years. Not one bad thing to say about it, I would definitely recommend that for a beginner or even intermediate. They are all IPF approved in case you get real good and plan to compete.

I’ve now upgraded to an SBD as i am experimenting with different settings for squats and deadlifts.