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Best Powerlifter of All Time?


Who’s the best ever? Ed coan, Tony Conyers, Richard Hawthorne…?
Post below who u think is the best
…personally I think its tony conyers , he’s doing 11x body weight total at 59 yrs old… Savage!!!




Probably Cohan but Lamar Grant was pretty amazing


Grants deadlift was crazy with those long arms he has




Coan hands down , when he was 19 he missed 165 by 3 pounds, so at 168 had he made 165 he would have broke rick guaglers world record, which just recently got broke.181,198,220,242 unbeaten.

Inaba, gant , awesome but stayed in two weight classes.

Coan dominated from 165 to 242 .


Coan… Multiple world titles year after year


When Coan was doing it was there as many federations? It seems like now when you hear someone holds a “world record” for a lift they are just one of many. It seems like if anyone was to dominate the sport now it would be a subset of it.

Also the records for certain lifts are getting crazy and specialized where the best in any lift might not be the best overall. The best guy is one one with the biggest total, but that might get diminished a bit if others have better in the individual 3.


You also have consider margin at which ed would win , time and time again.
I wish powerlifting was a bigtime sport so someone like Ed could retire wealthy.


Just to point out its lamar gant.

I think jesse norris is one of the best. If he is really drug free like I hope he is he could be the best in my opinion. That said I will one day dethrone him.

Ed coan is also on my list. Fairly even


Coan based on the amount of competition, conditions (no DL bar, all his records in three lift meets, two hour weigh ins), relative longevity, winning margins, number of records spread out over multiple weight classes, etc.

A close second would probbaly be Bridges or Inaba.


Tony was first light weight to total 2000… Has won ever championship in the us possible, and has been totaling 10x-11x body weight for the last 40yrs and “DRUG FREE” in 2 weight class… The little 60year old fucker totaled 10.89x @148 body weight in November😂…
I just like his longevity


Ed Coan



Malanichev could make a case.

Personal favorite- Larry Pacifico


captain kirk


For SHW all time, for sure. For most weight lifted he is already. However awesome that is, when you see Coan who owned records in so many weights classes…


I thought I read that Norris got busted at a meet sometime ago.


But it was for a stimulant idk if it could be like a masking thing or just the stimulant is banned but. I’d it was just fire energy its not on the same Level as steroids


And actually I forgot to mention the beast lifter on t nation with a crazy deadlift I think its something like 345@118 ( all muscle) and hes only been lifting a short time. Kid will probably out pull eddie hall in the next year or so. I personally feel hes my hero.


He’s lighter than Dan Green (who never claimed to be natural) by almost 40 lbs and is closing in on his raw total. Great powerlifter, but natty?