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Best Post-Workout Carb


Hi Guys -

I'm sure this is a common question but I used the search and google and couldn't find the right answer.

I'm on a diet that includes some circuit strength training. I don't want to lose muscle, so I'm trying to find the right carb drink or food post-workout and the exact amount of grams.

Fwiw, I can afford Surge. I heard that Gatorade works alright but I didn't find malodextrin in the ingredients.

I weigh 150 lbs and have 20% body fat.



I wouldnt call this the best Post-Workout carb, but I personally, for budget reasons have been using gatorade powder(which does have Maltodextrin) and whey protein powder. Actually tastes pretty damn good if you ask me. The bottled gatorade does NOT have Maltodextrin, and has shit tons of HFCS, which IMHO is something to avoid. So look for the little plastic jug of concentrate powder. Hope this helps for what its worth.


Ive read that normal skim milk will do what your looking for. If you want a boost of carbs past that id recomend blending in a med sized banana.


x2 for the banana.

I like raisins myself (1/3 to 1/2 cup, postworkout) due to their high alkalinity.


Right now I'm using some Monster Maize kind of a knock off of waxy maize except with added maltodextrin. It's working great for me. Then after loading up with carbs ill have some whey protein plus kids cereal (raisin bran/fruity pebbles are great) or something with white rice.....


Tossing in a banana with a protein shake for me aswell.