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Best Portable Food


What muscle building food would I be likely to see in your coolers or lunch bags? You be hard pressed to see me without at least two hard boiled eggs in mine everyday.


peanut butter...i keep a jar in my pocket all the time


Can of tuna


Almonds, I always keep some in my car and desk at work just in case.


can of tuna fish or chicken breast there both good lean protein and you dont have to worry about them going bad.


Cheese, nuts, (quality)pepperoni or prosciutto and peanut butter.

This is more or less what I usually take on backpacking trips where I need lots of calories (plus a crapload of Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut bars but I doubt you want those in your lunch, although maybe once in a while wouldn't hurt :wink:)


it doesnt go bad even if you leave tuna cans in your car in the summer? (if 90 degrees)


Nuts, peanut butter, various types of jerky


Oh hell no. Properly canned food can NEVER spoil. Pressure canning makes it physically impossible for bacteria to grow. The dog-faces of WWI were eating this stuff in the trenches, the most hellish and filthy environment on Earth, and the food held up just fine.

So long as you don't knock a hole in the can, the food will last hundreds of years.



Skinless, boneless sardines!


forgot about those....good omega threes too..wonder how much mercury?


sardines are smaller fishes that feed on plankton. Theory has it that bigger prey fish contain more mercury.

So I'm guessing yes it contains mercury but way less than tuna.


Beef and garbanzo beans with a vegetable.


Small salad mixed with chicken breasts. Some cheese, almonds, and some chopped walnuts. I wish I had one of those little coolers :frowning:


I've heard that as well. Go sardines.

To add to the list, carrying around a bottle with whey + olive oil is pretty portable, but it spoils quicker than nuts or canned fish.

Another handy thing: pumpkin seeds. I think someone posted up the benefits of pumpkins in the Supplements and Nutrition board recently. The seeds contain a decent amount of fiber and protein. I get a bag by David's from Kroger for a few bucks.


Jerky is my favorite portable snack, especially if you can find really good stuff.


Those cans of tuna packed w/ the flavored olive oil. There's some canola oil on the ingredient list so I debated rather or not to stop getting them, but delicious and convenient. I usually eat it pre-workout with a cucumber and some salt.


Is that peanut butter in your pants or are you just happy to see me?


Not for everyday use but for situations where one can't really carry anything of any volume but has to be out and about for many hours, a bar of 75% reduced fat cheddar cheese is great. You can get two meals of 36 g protein or so at moderate calories from something that fits in a pocket. Potentially, if having a meal immediately before and immediately after, that can cover being out for as much as 6 hours.

Reduced fat string cheese is another option, somewhat higher in calories (about 50% calories from fat) but hardly unreasonable and depending on conditions sometimes more appropriate.


I agree with Bill on the string cheese. I had 0 carb cheese sticks with 8g protein each and 80 calories. Two of them and a small handful of almonds, two Fiber Choice tabs and a couple of fish oil capsules...