Best Plan Workout Plan - Regularly Rotating the Off Day?

Hi Coach Christian,
Question regarding the Off day. Would it hamper progress to occasionally rotate the off day, week by week?
I have a weekly doctor appointments, acupuncture and physical therapy for a preexisting hip injury. I try to schedule on the same day each week, but sometimes that is not possible, The doctors recommend that I “take it easy and rest” and not to lift on appointment days.
I shifted the program so I can take Wednesday as the off day, and therefore Thursday is now my Monday according to your layout. However, with them now rotating my appointments, is it ok to float that off day throughout the week?
This would allow me to get in all 6 weekly workouts and the day off and not miss anything. Do you feel that this would still allow for decent progress?
Thanks in advance for your time!

It absolutely does not matter when the off day is during the week.

Thank you for your quick reply!
For a little clarification:
Wednesday is my normal off day. This week I had a Dr apt this morning (Monday) and will make today my Off day. Next week my apt is on Wednesday. So that means that I will workout 8days in a row in order to make my scheduled apt next Wednesday. . That will be fine?

Only you and your ability to recover will know